Introducing SAO Network and its Ecosystem

SAO Network
4 min readMay 9, 2022


While IPFS/Filecoin, Arweave, Storj and other distributed peer-to-peer storage networks bring the ability to help a large scale of applications fully Web3-native, people can freely do things like video streaming and social networks in Metaverse.

Web3 is eating the World

Web3 is the latest buzzword in recent months. Some major venture capitals generally think of Web3 as a trustless, permissionless, and decentralized internet that leverages blockchain technology. Web3’s defining feature is ownership. Whereas the first iteration of the commercial internet (Web1) was read-only for most users, and Web2 allowed users to both read & write on centralized platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc), Web3 gives users full ownership over their content, data, and assets via blockchains. It empowers users to read-write-own.

The Web 3 stack (source from: Coinbase blog

So, what does the Web3 stack look like? It should comprise of,

  • Access Layer: Low-friction entry points for users to access Web3
  • Use Case Layer: User interface for interacting with infra/protocol layer
  • Infrastructure/ Category Primitives: Interoperable building blocks that are highly reliable at doing one specific task; can be combined to create applications
  • Protocol Layer: Underlying main blockchain architecture

Introducing SAO Network

A Decentralized Storage Infrastructure for Web3

SAO(storage autonomous organization) is devoted to provide storage infrastructures and become a decentralized autonomous organization that increases the adoption of web3 storage and promotes its ecosystem development.

SAO Network‘s Architecture

SAO Network is a pioneering Web3 storage infrastructure. It provides a decentralized storage network based on Cosmos sdk and IPFS protocol. Powered by Hedra Labs, SAO Network is developed to provide intuitive and efficient decentralized data services. With a focus on data ownership and data privacy, SAO Network aims to revolutionize Web3 data storage and facilitate the growth of Web3 applications.

Through our efforts, we will

  • Lower the bar for individuals and small groups to participant in storage mining which helps stabilize and secure storage blockchains.
  • Offer a powerful platform for individual and web3 apps to easily manage data on de-storage networks.

Introducing the Applications

SAO Network is a user-oriented infrastructure that allows users to easily use the storage applications and middlewares based on distributed storage networks, including but not limited to IPFS.

The first bunch of ecosystem applications based on SAO Network will be bootstrapped and developer-focused products built by developer team of SAO Network (introducing our team later in this article) which is a fully distributed team for contributing to Web3 storage, data protection and management, and for making the Web3 applications more accessible.

Joint Mining App

SAO Joint Mining App is set to upgrade the concept of cloud mining to “joint mining”. With a strong technical know-how in the development and operations of Filecoin storage mining, the core team has developed a “Joint Mining” application. In the first iteration, it allows users to join the mining to earn Filecoin by staking Filecoin and obtaining a certain amount of storage power shares.

We call it “stake-to-earn”

Moreover, the Filecoin miners will receive 10x boost to the quality-adjusted power of Filecoin mining through the Filecoin Plus Program. Therefore, it’s such a good time to join the Filecoin storage mining. That’s why we work out the Joint Mining App.


Stoverse is a decentralized social platform built on SAO-Network. The platform leverages blockchain technology to offer a unique way for users to create, manage, and engage with content. Storverse provides a distinctive approach to social interactions using various novel components, each with a specific role..

Originally, Storverse was built by Hedra Labs as a demo app which utilizes SAO Network’s data services. Storverse has won the Data DAO Hackthon co-hosted by Filecoin Foundation and Filswan and demoed on Binance Live on Sept 28th for its innovative design.

Introducing Our Team

Hedra Labs

Hedra Labs is dedicated to supporting diversiform Web3 applications and mass Web3-natives by creating a storage protocol (SAO Network) and a decentralized autonomous organization (a storage DAO). We are a fully distributed team with all developers working remotely in the US, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, China, Czech, etc. However, we are holding one same goal to make our protocol and ecosystem applications more accessible.

The core developer team has rich experience in IPFS and blockchains. We have members who used to be technical directors of celebrated mining Pools, extensively experienced in blockchain and cryptocurrency mining. We have experts in architecture design, software engineering, smart contract deployment, and middleware tools development.

We also have members who once served as core developers of public blockchains, crypto wallets, crypto mining pools, computing platforms, network security fields, and data protection areas. We have all been actively involved in the Filecoin ecosystem and other de-storage network for years. We’ve been powering Web3 storage at pretty awesome places and will continue doing so here in Hedra Labs.

🙋Hey, you! Our team is always engaging more skilled or creative people from all over the universe. No one can reach high ambition just by himself or herself. Nevertheless, by leveraging the team and various skills, we have the power and ability to create an outcome that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

Follow us to be prepared into Web3!



SAO Network

A secured and decentralized storage infrastructure for Web3