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Storverse is a decentralized social platform built on SAO Network. The platform leverages blockchain technology and decentralized storage solution to offer a unique way for users to create, manage, and engage with content. Storverse provides a distinctive approach to social interactions using various novel components, each with a specific role. Try it Now!


Originally, Storverse was built by Hedra Labs as a demo application utilizing SAO Network’s data services. Storverse has won the Data DAO Hackathon co-hosted by Filecoin Foundation and Filswan and demoed its features on Binance Live on Sept 28th for its innovative design. To improve user experience, the team has launched an upgraded version of Storverse after a period of testing and development, which created new functions such as social networking and content publishing, etc.

With these new features, users can connect with each other, follow their favorite creators, and share their favorite content to their friends, etc. Meanwhile, the team has also launched the SDKs of Storverse interoperable data models for developers to use. Let’s dive deep into the newest functionalities of Storverse.

Storverse New Features

1. Functioning as a Content Marketplace

Generally speaking, Storverse is a marketplace for both Web3 content creators and content readers. For content creators, Storverse will be a user-friendly marketplace where they can publish their self-generated content and get them exposed to other Web3 natives. Futhermore, Storverse also enables content creators to get benefits from their quality content with the following mechanism:

Verse to Earn

To get started, for creators, they can “verse”(compose) their content on the platform. A verse means a post on Storverse. Those verses can contain text, photos, videos, GIFs or links, etc.

Once the content is uploaded as verses on Storverse, creators are able to control and manage the access to their verses. With the support of decentralized identity (DID) solutions provided by SAO Network, creators can choose whether their content is open to all or viewable only to specific users. This allows creators to have greater control over their content.

In addition to the benefits of content sharing and access control, Storverse also provides content creators with the opportunity to earn revenue from their “verses”. There are three ways that creators can earn from their content.

  • Feature 1.1 “Follow to Access”

First, creators have the option to set their content as “Followers Only”. This restricts access to their published content to only those who follow them. This creates a sense of exclusivity and fosters a dedicated follower community. On the other hand, users can choose to follow specific content creators to gain access to the specific content. This gives users the ability to curate their content based on their interests and tailor their social media experience.

  • Feature 1.2 “Pay to Follow”

Secondly, Storverse introduces a “Pay to Follow” function that enables creators to receive earnings from their followers. It also allows users to support their favorite creators by paying to follow them and keeping themselves in the loop. This new feature is working to create a more dynamic and engaging creator economy platform for creators and users who share very similar tastes.

  • Feature 1.3 “Pay to Access”

At last, creators can set a verse as paid content, which is only viewable to those who “pay to access” it. This can be an effective strategy for creators who have a dedicated fan base that is willing to spend money to support their work. Additionally, creators can provide exclusive content or perks to those who have paid for access, which further motivates them to do so repeatedly.

Overall, the features for creators to set content as “Followers Only”, “Pay to Follow” or “Pay to Access” are powerful tools that can help creators create a more engaged and dedicated follower base. It is important to note that creators should thoroughly evaluate their audience and the value of their content before implementing a paid model, as it may not be appropriate for all types of content or audiences.

2. Functioning as a Social Platform

With all that has been said, Storverse will also acts like a social platform where users can interact with each other by reacting to specific content by “like”, “comment”, “reply to comments” and “favorite” etc.

  • Feature 2.1 “Like”. To show appreciation for someone’s verse, press the “heart” icon. This lets them know you admire their work and creates a supportive environment in the Storverse community.
  • Feature 2.2 “Comment”. Comment on someone’s verse to create a dialogue and offer constructive feedback. This can encourage them to continue writing and improve their content. Your feedback could be the spark that lights the fire for a budding poet!
  • Feature 2.3 “Reply to Comments”. Storverse enables users to engage in conversations and discussions with a “reply to comments” function. This feature facilitates interaction with others, enables users to stay up to date with conversations, and helps build a vibrant community.
  • Feature 2.4 “Favorite”. You can favorite a verse that resonates with you to access it later through your bookmarks. This feature helps track your spiritual journey over time. Consider favoriting a verse that speaks to you for easy access and reflection in the future.
  • Feature 2.5 “Share”. Share your favorite verse on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and inspire others to explore the enjoyment. Share the link with acquaintances so they can enjoy the verse without limitations.

Through these features, Storverse aims to build a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for storytelling and creative expression. By providing a platform where users can connect with each other and share their ideas, Storverse hopes to foster a sense of camaraderie and support among its users.

Storverse SDK

Storverse SDK is a powerful tool designed to make it easy to integrate Storverse data into your decentralized applications (DApps). The SDK provides an abstraction layer over the SAO Network’s core functionality, allowing you to interact with the Storverse platform without having to deal with the lower-level details of the SAO Network.

The Storverse SDK is a TypeScript package that encapsulates the SAO TypeScript SDK. It is open-source and maintained by the team at Hedra Labs.

What Can You Do with the Storverse SDK?

With the Storverse SDK, you can interact with the Storverse platform in a variety of ways:

  • Access Storverse Data: Retrieve data from the Storverse platform, such as Profile, Verse, Comment, Follow, and Like data.
  • Interact with the SAO Network: The Storverse SDK encapsulates the SAO TypeScript SDK, allowing you to interact with the SAO Network directly.
  • Create Verses and Comments: Use the SDK to create and manage content on the Storverse platform.
  • Manage Profile Follows and Likes: The SDK provides methods for managing follows and likes on Storverse.

The Storverse SDK is a powerful tool for any developer looking to build applications on top of the Storverse platform and the SAO Network. Whether you’re creating a new DApp or integrating Storverse into an existing application, the Storverse SDK makes it easy to interact with the Storverse platform and the SAO Network.

Storverse SDK resource:

Storverse Data Model

A complete Storverse data model serve as a blueprint for creating databases or information systems, guiding developers in designing the structure of the data and ensuring that the resulting system meets the intended requirements and functionalities. The Storverse data model is composed of two parts: data and schema, with the later part containing profile, verse, comment, follow and files for developers to integrate when building their applications if the two apps share similar business models. Besides, data on Storverse can also be loaded onto new apps through data models under users’ authorization.

Data Model resource:

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