SAO Network Announces Testnet 0 launching

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2 min readFeb 28, 2023

February 28, 2023 | SAO Network

🎉SAO Network is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its testnet on March 1, 2023. The incentivized testing program is launching soon after testnet goes live.

“The launch of Testnet 0 marks a significant milestone in SAO Network’s development and represents an exciting new phase in our mission to provide developers and users with a secure, reliable, and scalable decentralized storage solution,” said Blake Simpson, SAO Network’s CEO, “We look forward to working closely with our community to gather valuable feedback and insights that will help us refine and optimize the network’s performance, security, and functionality before the official mainnet launch.”

As a decentralized Web3 storage infrastructure based on Cosmos SDK and IPFS protocol, SAO Network aims to facilitate the adoption of Web3 storage, support the growing demand for Web3 applications, and enable a more decentralized way of storing and accessing data.

The purpose of the testnet launch is to offer a risk-free environment for the SAO Network team to gain on-field experience with the mainnet. It will also provide an open and accessible testing ground for SAO Network storage providers, consensus validators, dApp developers and users. Through this, all participants can get a firsthand experience of the functionalities provided by the SAO Network in advance and give valuable feedback. The early adopters will get access to further functions and benefits on SAO Network!

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About SAO Network

SAO Network is a decentralized storage infrastructure for Web3 powered by Hedra Labs. It provides a decentralized storage protocol based on Cosmos SDK and IPFS to increase the adoption of Web3 content storage and facilitate its ecosystem applications.

Hedra Labs, the core developer team of SAO Network, was established in Singapore in 2021 and teamed by industry pioneers, senior architects and developers from both FinTech and blockchain fields.

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SAO Network

A secured and decentralized storage infrastructure for Web3