SAO Network Attended a Panel Discussion on Mass Adoption of Web3 Innovations during ETH Riyadh 2023

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4 min readOct 24, 2023

On October 11, 2023, the ETH Riyadh 2023 conference successfully took place at the CODE Lab of King Saud University at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. ETH Riyadh 2023, a highly anticipated Web3 technology summit, was dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain technology, aiming to gather developers and builders from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and other regions in the Middle East.

Co-organized by Tharawat Technology, Studio1727, ChainIDE, Coffee with Crypto, and Mask Network, this event received guidance and support from the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Saudi Internet Association, and the KACST Digital Entrepreneurship Center. It was generously sponsored by Ankr, Chiliz, Zilliqa, SAO Network, Adaverse, Onekey, Matrix World, and more other Web3 projects.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 150 participants attended the event.
  • Global representation with participants from 5 continents and 35 countries.
  • Technology investors, with a combined valuation of over $6 billion explored projects and opportunities.
  • Web3 entrepreneurs on-site viewed Saudi Arabia as a vast opportunity and looked forward to deepening their business and collaborations in the region.

The ETH Riyadh 2023 conference kicked off with a keynote address by Tim Beiko, a representative of the Ethereum Foundation, who presented “Ethereum Governance Overview.” Tim Beiko eloquently outlined various ways to engage in Ethereum technology development and contributions, along with collaboration opportunities.

Following this, Yasser Alobaidan, CEO of Tharawat Technology, delivered a presentation titled “Digital Economy,” introducing the digital economic landscape in Saudi Arabia, an overview of the Vision 2030 plan, and future opportunities in related domains.

Yasser Alobaidan, CEO of Tharawat Technology

Dr. Waleed Aloriny, Chairman of the Saudi Internet Association, delivered a welcome address and moderated a special roundtable discussion on “Opportunities of Web3 Technology in Saudi.” Yasser Alobaidan, CEO of Tharawat Technology, Xiao Wu, Founder of ChainIDE, Stanley Wu, CTO of Ankr, and Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, participated in the discussion.

Dr. Waleed Aloriny, Chairman of the Saudi Internet Association

The “Mass Adoption of Web3 Innovations” panel discussion, moderated by SEEDAO founder Tang Han. Featured participants such as Ludwig Schroedl, CEO of Nealthy; Hamzan Khan, head of Polygon DeFi; Mehmet Sait GÜMÜŞ, founder of Web3 Kas; Ethan Zhao, co-founder of SAO Network etc., discussed large-scale Web3 applications, cases, and potential growth in East Asia ,the Middle East and Africa.

“Although there are currently some available use cases of Web 3, it still has a long way to go before it reaches full realization due to the lack of a developer-friendly data infrastructure.” Ethan Zhao presented his point of view on Web3 adoption, and introduced SAO Network that aims to build a Web3 Data Infrastructure preserving user’s data sovereignty, including data ownership, data access control, data monetization, etc.

ETH Riyadh 2023 marked a significant milestone as the first Web3 developer and blockchain technology summit in the Saudi Arabian region, particularly in Riyadh. This event presents a major advancement in the Web3 developer ecosystem of Saudi Arabia. ETH Riyadh has contributed to the flourishing of the local blockchain developer community, providing a platform for learning and networking for local developers and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it plays a role in promoting digital innovation and economic growth in Saudi Arabia.

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