SAO Network Quarterly Report — Q3 2023

SAO Network
5 min readOct 1, 2023

By Hedra Labs, Oct 1, 2023

SAO Network, developed by Hedra Labs, is a decentralized storage infrastructure for Web3. It offers a decentralized storage protocol with privacy-preserving computation to ensure user’s data self-sovereignty and facilitate the mass adoption of Web3. After the launch of its mainnet, SAO Network has been marching in full swing. The past three months has witnessed SAO Network’s significant steps forward and meaningful milestones.

🎉 News Feed

💻Technical Progress

  • SAO Network announced the release of the Amazon S3 Compatible API, which provides a library of APIs and services for simpler use of data services on the SAO Network. As many applications rely on Amazon S3 to store their structured data, SAO Network has developed an Amazon S3 Compatible API to enable a smooth transition from Web2 to Web3.
  • SAO Network launched a dStorage platform, SAO Console, for applications and end users to store their data with one-click uploading. Try it at
  • SAO Network launched the upgraded version of Storverse, adding social functions (users can connect with each other, follow their favorite creators, and share their favorite content to their friends).

Technical Improvements

  • Compatibility. SAO Network has launched Amazon S3 compatible API support minio to improve SAO Network storage compatibility.
  • SAO Faucet. SAO Network reset SAO Faucet for users to claim SAO Credits to experience SAO Network and its ecosystem.
  • SDK Renewal
  • SAO Network has launched upgraded Storverse and involved community members in experiencing the application.
  • Through Storverse, SAO Network has launched Storverse social graph, a new data model for developers to integrate when building new dApps.
  • Golang / Java storage SDK
  • SAO Network Upgrades
  • Release Consensus testnet v0.1.7
  • Release Consensus beta v0.1.8
  • Release Storage Node v0.1.6
  • Release Storage Node v0.1.7

📰 Media Exposure

🎡 Community

Community Stats

  • Twitter: 8675 followers
  • Telegram: 29478 members
  • Discord: 13560 members
  • Medium: 128 followers

Community Events

In the past three months, we have successfully conducted interesting and rewarding community events as follows,

  • “CosmosATOMDaily & SAONetwork Partnership Giveaway” co-hosted with Cosmos Daily on Twitter.
  • “ Discord Invite Contest” in discord.
  • “SAO Network & CryptoTech DAO Free Airdrop Campaign” co-hosted with CryptoTech DAO on Twitter.
  • Post a Verse” on TaskOn.

Upcoming Events

  • “Best Verse” Campaign on Discord/Twitter/Telegram.
  • “Most Active User” Campaign on Discord/Twitter/Telegram.

🤔️ FAQs

Q1: What is Storverse?

A: Storverse is a decentralized social platform built on SAO Network. The platform leverages blockchain technology and decentralized storage solution to offer a unique way for users to create, manage, and engage with content*.* Check details here:

Q2: How to get SAO Credits?

A: Please claim SAO Credits at

Q3: How to get Storverse role in Discord?

A: Please post a verse on Storverse and post the screenshot in #Storverse channel to get Storverse role in SAO discord.

Q4: What Can I Do on Storverse?

A: Users can connect with each other, follow their favorite creators, and share their favorite content to their friends etc. on Storverse. Explore more functions at:

📢 The Storverse Airdrop is not far behind! Stay tuned and become a SAO and Storverse follower!

About SAO Network

S.A.O. (Storage Autonomous Organization) is a decentralized self-sovereign data infrastructure for Web3. It’s based on SAO Network, a decentralized storage network with privacy-preserving computation to ensure user’s data self-sovereignty and facilitate Web3 mass adoption.

About Team

S.A.O. Team is the founding team of SAO Network and Storverse. It is powered by Hedra Labs, a R&D company founded in Singapore in 2021 and focused on Web3 infrastructure and toolings with a team of industry pioneers, senior architects and developers. The team is dedicated to the development and evolution of Web3 and dStorage networks. Its ultimate goal is to provide a solid and comprehensive dStorage platform based on SAO Network for Web3 applications, making it secure, easy, and intuitive for users to own and manage their data.

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